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WAR2Glory. K likes. Im Echtzeit-Strategiespiel WAR2 Glory muss der Spieler als Kommandant sich und seine Stadt auf dem Schlachtfeld gegen andere. WAR2 Glory bietet mit seinen 40 historischen Einheiten, modifizierbaren Städten und Forschung eine Herausforderung für jeden Spieler. Jetzt spielen! War2 Glory ist ein free2play Strategie Spiel, welches im Zweiten Weltkrieg spielt. Bei diesem baust du dein eigenes Reich in eine starke.

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WAR2Glory. K likes. Im Echtzeit-Strategiespiel WAR2 Glory muss der Spieler als Kommandant sich und seine Stadt auf dem Schlachtfeld gegen andere. FAQ-Plündern/Einnehmen. Allgemeine Informationen. Je höher die Stufe eines Gebietes oder einer NPC-Stadt, desto schwerer ist es diese zu plündern. War2 Glory ist ein free2play Strategie Spiel, welches im Zweiten Weltkrieg spielt. Bei diesem baust du dein eigenes Reich in eine starke.

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War2glory Hero Hunt Guide. Stargames.Com on: Nov 07, Whilst it Havana Club 3l sound simple to keep gaining more population, that is just the start of it as you have to keep them happy. By Norman Jan 26tham. War2Glory Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site FandomShop Fandom IG GalaxyQuest. War2 Glory is free online strategy browser game set in the days of WW2 and immerses you into a world of building up your empire before going all out to conquer everything in your path. You as the player adopt the role of the commander in the faction of your choice. Use this section to find nifty tips, hints, tactics, strategies and more for War2 Glory! Remember to always, always, ALWAYS keep your gates closed while offline, except in your war city, which should have your best military officer as mayor while offline and a politics officer as mayor while you are online. Arret de War2Glory en décembre By Arusha69 (Nov 14th , am) Threads 62 Posts Forum Games. Play and have fun! 8 guests. War2Glory Information and Reports. January 22, at pm. Before connecting to War2 Glory, make sure to check your ping beforehand. Suche Fortunes Deutsch. Archive Here you find older Mustersuche - Kostenlos Online Spielen Auf Jetztspielen.De and information, which are not actively discussed anymore, but contain useful information. Your distance to the game server - the distance between your location Bwinb the game server has a big impact on the amount of delay you're experiencing. This rubberbanding problem is extremely frustrating, especially when you are in a crucial stage of the game. Skill Description V Form the fighters into four-finger shape, in which fighters can cover each other and allocate firepower more reasonably. The next icon gives you an option to choose which target will be the Vip-Points one. Easter The Bofors 40 mm gun is a famous anti-aircraft autocannon designed by Swedish company Bofors. The learning has a random success rate. New Medals and Manuals!! Even if you have Labouchere System best gaming rig in town, that won't help Vip-Points reducing your ping unless you have a very Gemeiner Tintenfisch internet connection.

GrundsГtzlich kann man das Online War2glory gratis Startguthaben als einen Bonus betrachten. - Erlebe in War2 Glory den 2. Weltkrieg aus einer neuen Perspektive!

Des weiteren hat man die Chance Giropay Comdirect Gegenstände zu erhalten z.

Wie hoch fГllt er aus Vip-Points sind die Vip-Points fair und realistisch erfГllbar. - Über War2 Glory

Damit du als Neueinsteiger nicht das Gefühl bekommst, überfordert zu werden, gibt es zu Beginn eine Missionskette, die dir alle Features des Online-Spiels näherbringt.

Infantry is your basic unit of combat-trained foot soldiers. HP Vs. Ground 10 Vs. Fort 18 Speed Load 50 Food consumption 1 Vs.

Navy 10 Armour 10 Range 20 Population 1 Oil consumption 1. Laugh or cry, your foot soldiers use oil! Another thing: They are worthless except vs other foot soldiers.

The dispatch page opens up. Be aware of what the manpower cap is. The higher the GHQ, the more troops can be sent.

Who has the best military officer? That may be the better person to lead the attack. It may be necessary to delay the troops so the people invited have time to join.

Be aware, that the manpower cap will be divided equally between all who are invited. So if you have a manpower cap of , and you invite 3 friends, each person will only be able to send of troops.

They can not send their troops in a joint atack until you have invited them. Confirm afterwards. Let your friends know they are invited.

As stated earlier, the person who has done the inviting is the one who will be handling the battle.

The friends may make suggestions as to how to deploy the troops, but they will not be able to manage the attack. I am convinced there are many opinions on, which troops to train, but I have an opinion on that too.

They are not very good. There are other ways, and more effective at that. Better send some troops with them; any area may already be occupied by an enemy, in fact, most fields are.

If you choose the latter, you should choose Sell to player, and check the Sell within alliance only check box. Also set the trade time limit to 1 hour.

Perhaps not what you wanted, but better than getting plundered for sure. Ransacking fields is necessary, except if you choose to buy your jewellery from the Military Item Shop.

To buy anything in the Military Item Shop costs diamonds, and you will never ever get enough of those. Completing those missions give you a higher rank, which is necessary to get bigger.

And in this game Bigger is better! It is fine to send one scout plane and one political officer to ransack, provided you have taken care of any enemies first.

They can be seized and ransacked or plundered. When you need to complete a mission, and want to ransack a field, take the highest level field you are able to conquer.

Use an officer with good attack, and more than the necessary troops, just to be sure. When you have seized the field, dispatch a ransacking team consisting of 1 scout plane and a political officer to the field from within the map.

Recall the other troops when the ransacking team have arrived. View and choose Ransack. Let your troops ransack for 24 hours straight, or you may well find zero jewellery!

When ransacked recall your trucks and the political officer. The jewellery you have found will appear in your My Military Items page.

If it is a field with a fairly high level, you may want to keep it, at least for a period of time. When you hover your mouse over a field, you can see which resource it produces.

But in the meantime, your production goes up, and if you have appointed a good political officer as mayor, he will provide you with nice bonuses on top of it.

The number of seized fields depend on the level of your city hall. A level 5 city hall means you can seize 5 fields etc. Having another city close by not only boosts your feeling of success, it also provides you with one more source of resources.

Example of those below:. It is obvious that the production city is too unbalanced to go by itself. You will need to start off with more steelworks, oil refineries and rare metal plants, and later downgrade them and raise farms instead.

Another solution is to keep transporting the necessary resources to the production city. That requires a high level, well balanced city to work properly.

The same goes for the assault city:. The standard city layout provides you with an allround production just like your first city.

The production city gives you plenty extra resources you can transport to a city where additional resources are needed. The assault city is the city in which you would station your troops permanently.

When your army gets really big, it consumes an awful lot of food. The level of the different types of buildings in each type of city will evidently be clear for you as you go.

In ie. I must also point out that a coastal city needs a Naval Academy, why you must build 1 less of another building of your choice.

I believe it would pay to have one city of each, instead of 3 standard type cities. So having a supply city is very good.

The closer they are, the better. Oil is expensive and time can be too. Another good thing when you have many cities, is to name them alphabetically At the moment I have 9 cities, and they are named: Atlantis, Baris, Corinth, Delphi, Edessa, Fier, Gytheio, Helike and Itanos.

When I need to change from Atlantis to Gytheios, the latter is not visible on the tiny drop-down menu. Below is a list of what jewels you need for every new rank:.

I made the mistake in the beginning of the game, that I used some jewels for awarding my officers, and later I found out that I would come to need those jewels in future rank advancements.

Now I save every single piece of jewellery. The basins, grasslands, mountains, swamps and forests each contain different jewels, although you may find ie.

When ransacking a field, you have to seize it first. Depending of the level of your city hall, the number of seizable fields change. The higher the city hall level, the more fields you can seize.

When you have scared away the occupying forces from the field, or beaten them, you can send the ransacking force in.

Some people send trucks and a political officer, while others send a scout plane and a political officer. I am not sure how much of a difference it makes, except with trucks you get a small amount of the resources produced on that specific kind of field too.

When your ransacking team has arrived, you can recall your troops. You can seize with troops from city A and later deploy a ransacking team from city B, if all your political officers are busy in city A.

You must ransack for 24 hours straight, or you may find nothing. In those of my cities that have troops in them, I also have 2 or 3 good political officers, that way I can ransack more places at the same time.

Without a strong fighting force, and a competent Commander, your city is doomed. The units are historically accurate and based on the real forces of World War II.

Whether you need to engage in battle on the ground, in the air, or on the open seas you can build the force that you need to be successful.

Threads 1, Posts 9, Community Creations Showcase your creations, screenshots, etc Threads 28 Posts Commanders Introduction Introduction area for new and old players.

Threads 17 Posts Alliance Hall Introduction area for Alliances. Suche Mitglider By Schokodrops Nov 4th , am. Threads 7 Posts 8.

Proving ground Events or specials from the community. Petite suggestion By Norman Jan 26th , am. Threads 13 Posts Canteen For all off-topic conversations 4 guests.

Threads 62 Posts Forum Games Play and have fun! Threads 53 Posts 1, You're all ready. You aim. Your little brother runs up and shoves you out of your chair.

Unsurprisingly, you miss your critical move entirely! Not only do you lose the match, but now you're pissed off with your little brother.

A ping spike is like having your brother shove you out of your chair right as you're about to make that move in War2 Glory.

A ping spike is what happens when your lag jumps suddenly, like when you go from a stable 10ms ping time to an unstable ms response. These drastic ping spikes are your enemy when it comes to online games and latency-sensitive applications where real-time interaction is expected.

When your ping spikes suddenly, it almost always results in a missed move in games like first-person shooters, MOBAs, or fighting games.

The more responsive and 'twitchy' the game mechanic, the more critical it is to make sure your connection is both fast AND smooth.

How does wtfast help improve my War2 Glory ping time? Think of wtfast a bit like a 'fast lane,' where there are fewer cars on the road or fewer planes in the sky.

For instance, private airlines fly higher in the air than standard commercial airline routes. Operating in less busy airspace allows private airlines to fly faster than the usual commercial lines, often allowing business people to get to their destinations more quickly.

There are multiple hops between your home internet connection and the War2 Glory server. When you use wtfast, you can select a Proxy Server that sends your traffic directly to the game server instead of leaving your connection up to chance.

Standard internet traffic routing wasn't intended for low-latency gaming, like playing War2 Glory with fast ping times. Instead, it was designed to handle large quantities of data shuttling between places in the most cost-effective way possible.

Bandwidth is expensive, especially when you're streaming Netflix in 4K. And since video streaming is such a popular activity on the internet, internet service providers have to optimize for the most popular uses of their services.

Decreasing the number of hops between you and the War2 Glory game server can help, as well as routing your traffic through quieter and less populated proxy paths what we call our "GPN Nodes".

We support thousands of games and over 60, combinations of GPN proxy servers to handle your connection across countries. There are over 72 billion potential combinations of game, game server region, country, and proxy routes that we handle.

If one path using wtfast doesn't work for you, consider trying different server route. What is jitter, and what is its effect on War2 Glory?

You might already know about checking your ping and latency to improve your gaming experience. But there is one more factor that has a significant effect on the smooth gameplay you're supposed to have - and that is jitter.

What is jitter? Jitter is an average of the change in ping over time or how your latency score fluctuates. It is the variation in latency, and it's a problem because it makes the experience unpredictable.

Average internet users commonly ignore it, but to online gamers, especially the ones who are playing multiplayer shooter games, this problem is a big deal.

You're running around, and suddenly the world freezes. Once it unfreezes, everything has changed, as if time had stood still for you and then got caught up suddenly.

Even if this just happened half a second, you'll probably notice this stuttery gameplay. Jitter causes the latency to change rapidly, for example from 10ms to 80ms and back.

In such a situation, it's tough for game servers to provide a fair environment for all players, which can be very frustrating. My War2 Glory lag is the worst.

How do I fix it? First off, you've come to the right place. We're anti-lag here at wtfast! Secondly, keep in mind that 'lag' is a general term and could apply to both slow down e.

For clarity, we're going to focus less on graphical lag and more on your network latency and performance.

At wtfast, we make software to help you boost your network performance for latency-sensitive programs like War2 Glory. We can help improve your network latency!

How do I fix War2 Glory ping spikes? Many people fixate on ping time when they're gaming, zoning in on speed and that magic ping number.

Plenty of gamers look at their ping time like a "scorecard" for their connection. However, many gamers underestimate the importance of their connection stability.

Stability is a less sexy thing to focus on than speed — imagine test-driving a Porsche to assess its "stability" Sexy or not, stability is just as important, and in many cases more essential than your raw speed metrics.

Imagine driving a Porsche at miles per hour on a busy highway, when your speedometer instantly drops down to 10 miles per hour!

How do you think that would pan out for you as the driver of that sports car? Your internet connection is like a car — it needs to perform consistently and reliably.

You can reduce the number of ping spikes in War2 Glory in several ways. The first step to improving your connection stability may seem like an obvious one, but it's important to check this first — make sure you are using a wired internet connection.

When you are using a wireless connection, you will often lose data packets, causing interruptions to your experience.

Sure, simple applications are built to be fault-tolerant and auto-reconnect after a dropped connection, but games are different. Defensive Tactics.

How to "UO"? NPC Battles. War Cities. Christmass Easter Halloween Paddy's Day! Thanksgiving Clear Cache. Increase Local Saved Data. Choose your free online game in the manga, fantasy or martial arts style.

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Des weiteren, sollte man Küstenebenen und normale Ebenen nicht vergleichen, da diese Kurhaus Baden Baden Parken Territorien wesentlich stärker bewacht sind. Es herrscht Krieg in der Welt von War2 Glory. War2 Glory bietet Hrud 40 unterschiedliche Einheiten.
War2glory WAR2 Glory bietet mit seinen 40 historischen Einheiten, modifizierbaren Städten und Forschung eine Herausforderung für jeden Spieler. Jetzt spielen! In the real-time strategy game War2 Glory, which runs completely in your browser​, you take the role of a commander leading your city within a war-torn world. To. WAR2Glory. K likes. Im Echtzeit-Strategiespiel WAR2 Glory muss der Spieler als Kommandant sich und seine Stadt auf dem Schlachtfeld gegen andere. War2 Glory spielen und den Krieg gewinnen. Du leitest deine Stadt und entwickelst sie mittels neuartigen Technologien weiter. Mit starken Truppen hast du in der. War2 Glory is a free-to-play, browser-based, real-time strategy video game where players take control of realistic World War II forces. Become an Army Commander and build your troops, engage in battle, and take over regions to expand your territories. Use over 40 different authentic WWII vehicles to dominate the battlefield. Engage in real-time strategic combat, and control vehicles, air, and. War2Glory Information and Reports. -Private First Class (PFC) 5k reputation 5 Amber Necklaces and 2 Platinum Rings. -Corporal (CPL) 30k reputation 10 platinum rings and 5 gold bracelets. -Sergeant (SGT) k reputation 10 gold bracelets and 5 agate pendants -Staff Sergeant (SSG) k reputation 10 agate pendants 5 jade necklaces -Master Sergeant (MSG) k reputation 10 jade necklaces and 5 sapphire pendants -Warrant Officer.


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